Gr.12 ML: Super Duper Spring Book [PDF]

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Used by a large number of schools ( and some of the top schools) – and they loved it!

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*Author: Karelien Kriel

A “crash course” notes (only notes of some topics) and exercise book for Gr.12 learners to study for the September and November exams.

This book consists of a complete CAPS study list, exam type of questions and a complete memorandum.

This book contains the following:

1. Exam Study list with all CAPS topics

2. Math Lit Formula Sheets (which formulas are given and which you must learn)

3. Conversions Sheet
4. Part A: Basic Skills and Conversions

·   Notes: Number formats, rounding off very large numbers and rounding off of people, etc.

·   Notes: Direct proportion method and indirect proportion method

·   Notes: Percentages – 7 types (the complete notes and mind map)

·   Notes: Ratio Mind Map

·   Notes: Converting time and correct time notation

·   Exam questions and memo: Basic skills topics

5. Part B: Tariff Systems

·     Notes: Water tariffs with sliding scales

·     Exam questions and memo: water tariffs and electricity tariffs

6. Part C: Break-even Analysis and Small Business

·     Notes: Patterns and Relationships – 4 different types (formula, table and graph) – the complete notes

·     Exam questions and memo: Break-even analysis with 3 lines (formulas, tables, graphs and interpretation) – THREE questions with different contexts

·     Exam questions and memo: Small business (Budget; Income-and-expenditure statement; cost price, selling price and profit)

7. Part D: Data Handling

·     Notes: Types of data (numerical, categorical, discreet, continuous)

·     Notes: Mean, median and mode and which one is best

·     Notes: Equation type of questions involving average (mean)

·     Notes: How to estimate the amount if there aren’t clear lines on a graph

·     Exam questions and memo: Stacked bar graph; data tables; equation: average; quartiles (interpreting box-and-whisker plot)

8. Part E: Finance – Tax [UPDATED – 2016/2017 INFO]

·     Notes: VAT (complete notes: 4 calculations)

·     Notes: Personal Income Tax Mind Map + FAQ

·     Notes: Example of personal Income Tax question answered step-by-step

Notes: IRP5 tax form

·     Exam questions and memo: VAT and personal Income Tax (3 questions with different “set-ups”)

9.   Part F: Scales, maps, tables and models (optimal packing)

·     Notes: Mind Map and example of vehicle operating costs

·     Notes: Scales Mind map; Number scales and bar scales

·     Notes: Building

·     Notes: Optimal packing (fitting in the largest amount of objects possible in real life)

·     Exam questions and memo: Vehicle operating costs; floor plan with scale questions; optimal packing (2 different types)

10. Part G: Finance – Loans and Investments

·     Notes: Loans, annuity and Stokvel

·     Notes: Simple interest and compound interest (investment and depreciation)

·     Exam questions and memo: Interest questions and investments with spreadsheet type of questions

11.      Part H: 2- and 3-dimensional shapes

·     Notes: All formulae for perimeter, area, TSA and volume

·     Notes: Example of TSA – more difficult question

·     Exam questions and memo: More difficult TSA (2 different types); more difficult area and perimeter

12. Part I: Finance – Currency and Exchange Rates

·     Notes and examples for each situation: Foreign currency – buying and selling, including commission fees

·     Mind map: Foreign currency – buying and selling

·     Exam questions and memo: Buying and selling foreign currency

13. Part J: Probability

·     Notes: Probability – Lottery

·     Notes: Formula

·     Notes: Probabilities of multiple events, including tree diagram and two-way table

·     Exam questions and memo: Lottery; general probability (prediction); tree diagram; two-way table

2 reviews for Gr.12 ML: Super Duper Spring Book [PDF]

  1. Karelien Kriel

    “Hierdie boek [Grade 12 Math Lit Spring Book 2016] is tot op hede die mees “comprehensive / detailed” resource wat ek nog gevind het en dit is so “user friendly”! Baie dankie Karelien Kriel vir al jou moeite en dat jy altyd bereid is om “groentjies” onderwysers te help! Dankie ook dat jy luister na voorstelle om jou produk te verbeter.”
    • Wilmi Claassen (Hoërskool Tulbach, Tulbach, Wes-Kaap)

  2. Karelien Kriel

    “Ek geniet dit.”
    • Elmaré van Rooyen (Opvoeder, Kaapstad, Wes-Kaap)

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