Gr.9 K1 Activity Book (Super) [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 279 (book) + 114 (memo book)

Number of Activities: 54

Print: It is already saved as on 2-on-1. Print back-to-back and bind

With Thinking Tools

When I say “questions” I mean scaffolding (for those who already did TT course)


Activity 1: Numbers system; brace maps; circle maps; order of operations; number bonds of 10; bridge maps; double; halve

Activity 2: Order of operations; questions; flow maps

Activity 3: Addition of 6-digit numbers without a calculator; tree maps that lead to columns

Activity 4: Subtraction of 6-digit numbers without a calculator; tree maps that lead to columns

Activity 5: Multiplying of 4-digit numbers with 2-digit numbers without a calculator; multi flow maps and tree maps that lead to columns

Activity 6: Division of 3- to 5-digit numbers with 2-digit numbers without a calculator; multi flow maps and bridge maps that lead to columns

Activity 7: Multiples and factors; brace map; multiples of 1 to 12 on bridge maps, flow maps and tree maps

Activity 8: LCM; tables; HCF; brace map; prime factors

Activity 9: Word problems; direct proportion; inverse proportion; flow maps; questions

Activity 10: Word problems; ratio; rate; flow maps; questions


Activity 11: Financial Mathematics; word problems; simple interest; compound interest; formulae; brace map; loan tables

Activity 12: Properties of numbers and operations; equal division without a remainder; flow maps; word problems

Activity 13: Simplify fractions; bridge maps; write improper fractions as mixed numbers; tables and flow maps; write mixed numbers as improper fractions

Activity 14: Addition and subtraction of fractions; bridge maps; questions

Activity 15-16: Multiplying and division of fractions; brace map

Activity 17: Convert fractions to decimal fractions; questions; table

Activity 18: Convert fractions to fractions with denominators that ʼn multiple of 10 is, decimal fractions and percentages; table; bridge maps; recurring fractions; brace maps

Activity 19: Squared numbers and cubed number; circle maps; tree maps; brace map


Activity 20: Operations with decimal fractions; word problems; flow maps

Activity 21: powers; brace maps; questions; table; coefficient; base; exponent; powers; exponent rule – multiply

Activity 22: powers; exponent rule – division; questions

Activity 23: powers with brace; questions

Activity 24: powers with 0 and negative numbers; questions; exponent laws in a bracket map

Activity 26: Scientific notation; very large numbers; very small numbers; conversions; operations

Activity 27-28: Number patterns; rule; brace map; tables; input values; output values; find the rule; find the formula; write the function with the nth term; calculate ; flow maps; find the patterns with brace maps; questions about

Activity 29: Functions; tables; equations; nth term


Activity 30: Graphs; brace map; horizontal and vertical axes; set of axes; coordinate; origin; plot points

Activity 31: Graphs; complete table; plot points; draw straight lines; influence of ; influence of

Activity 32: Graphs; -intersect;-intersect; linear; gradients; draw lines; predict what the lines will look like according to the value of

Activity 33: Variables; addition with pictures, pictures of letters and then variables; questions; brace and addition

Activity 34: Factors of expressions; questions; HCF

Activity 35: Factorise binomials and trinomials that common factors het; questions; include fractions and negative numbers; brace map

Activity 36: Factorise expressions; common bracket

Activity 37: Factorise expressions; common “friends”

Activity 38: Factorise expressions; swop signs; investigations; questions

Activity 39: Factorise expressions; swop signs; investigations; questions; difference of squares


Activity 40: Factorise expressions; difference of squares with common factors

Activity 41: Factorise expressions; trinomials; plus-plus; questions; brace map

Activity 42: Factorise expressions; trinomials; minus-plus; questions; brace map

Activity 43: Factorise expressions; trinomials; plus-minus; questions; brace map

Activity 44: Factorise expressions; trinomials; minus- minus; questions; brace map

Activity 45: Brace maps; factorisation of binomials and trinomials

Activity 46: Factorisation; mixed Activity (51 problems)

Activity 47: Double bubble map; difference and similarities of expressions and equations; equivalent expressions; questions; scale; equations; solution by inspection

Activity 48: Equations; 4 solutions; questions; brace maps

Activity 49: Equations; inverses; brace maps; questions – steps to solve equations


Activity 50: Equations; variables on both sides

Activity 51: Equations with brace; questions

Activity 52: Equations with fractions; questions; brace map

Activity 53: Equations with powers and surds; questions; word problems with secret number

Activity 54: Equations; word problems; age; money; money and number of people; speed, distance and time; exponential; summaries in a bracket map




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