Gr.8: Investigate Exchange Rates

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Learners often find exchange rates complicated because of the way the questions is asked. I decided to let them find their own way by giving them a real life situation to solve based on the Big Mac Index. Instead of giving them complicated scenario’s I asked them to compare the price of Big Mac burgers in different countries. To save them some time, I researched the prices, so they just have to find the exchange rates and convert it.

I also use this activity to show learners why showing your method is more important than getting the answer. Anybody can just type the price into Google and get the answer. To learn about exchange rates you have to show your workings.

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I have been a maths teacher for 10 years, and during this time I have seen how teaching have changed from using only a blackboard and the examples we make up in class to interactive activities and sharing resources. These changes excites me.
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