Gr.8-12 Bilingual Math Dictionary: Eng to Afr [PDF]

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Author: Glynis Grobler

Number of pages: 22 (but 11 if you print 2-on-1)

Mathematics Terminology sorted according to topic, translated from English to Afrikaans

Numbers (60 words)

Number Patters (14 words)

Exponents (5 words)

Transformation (11 words)

Factorization (6 words)

Equations (17 words)

Algebra (39 words)

Financial Mathematics (40 words)

Functions (31 words)

Statistics (36 words)

Probability (39 words)

Geometry (100 words)

Analytical Geometry (14 words)

Trigonometry (16 words)

Differential Calculus (14 words)

The nature of the roots (6 words)

Linear Programming (4 words)

Distance Units (5 words)


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