Gr.4 Discover T3 Maths (Super) [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number or pages: 128 (Act) + 67 (Memo)

Number or activities: 43

Met Thinking Tools

Activity 1: Volume; petrol in tank; order from fullest to emptiest; capacity; read volume in litres

Activity 2: Volume; numbers on measuring jug; read volume

Activity 3-4: Volume; convert between litres and millilitres; bridge maps; brace maps; questions

Activity 5: Volume; write numbers on tree maps; litres and millilitres

Activity 6: Volume; measuring spoons and measuring cups; questions; how many fit in; count in litres and millilitres; number blocks; ratio

Activity 7: Volume: round off to the nearest 1 000ml, 100ml, 10ml and 5ml; how many fit in

Activity 8: Fractions; equivalent fractions; bridge maps

Activity 9: Fractions; compare; largest; smallest; bridge maps

Activity 10: Fractions; order

Activity 11: Fractions; addition; the same denominators

Activity 12: Fractions; word problems; addition

Activity 13-14: Whole numbers; count forward and backwards in 2s; 3s; 5s; 10s; 25s; 50s and 100s

Activity 15: Place values; 4-digit numbers; bridge maps; tree maps

Activity 16: Compare and order whole numbers; even and odd numbers

Activity 17-21 and 39: Addition or 4-digit numbers; flow maps; tree maps; explain what you did

Activity 22: Different views or everyday objects

Activity 23-27 and 40: Subtraction or 4-digit numbers; flow maps; tree maps; explain what you did

Activity 28: Word problems; addition

Activity 29: Word problems; subtraction

Activity 30: 2D-shapes; brace map; shape’s name; regular or irregular; straight or round sides and how many sides they have

Activity 31-34: Number patterns; tree map; questions; describe rule in words; give rule in flow map; write rule in number sentence

Activity 35: Multiples; tree maps; count forward and backwards in 2s; 3s; 4s; 5s; 7s; 8s

Activity 36-38: Multiplication; 2-digit numbers with 2-digit numbers; flow maps; multi flow maps; explain what you did

Activity 41: Short questions; place values; properties of operations; true or false; multiple choice questions

Activity 42: Data handling; pie chart; type of housing in Sui-Afrika; questions with fractions; bar graph; recycling in provinces in South Africa; questions; interpretation

Activity 43: 2D-shapes; pack out different animals with Tangram shapes

Activity 44: Transformation; pack out different pictures with Tangram shapes and show line of symmetry with ruler

Tangram Template: Cut out and colour in.


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