Gr.2 Discover Term 3 Maths (Super) [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 137 (Act) + 25 (Memo)

Number of activities: 52

With Thinking Tools

Activity1-2: Nice counting activities with pictures

Activity3: count in 1s; R1 coins; flow maps; explain; questions

Activity4: Count in 1s; multi-flow map; circle map (clock); explain; questions

Activity5: Count in 10s; R10 notes; flow maps; explain; questions

Activity6: Count in 10s; multi-flow map; circle map (clock); explain; questions

Activity7: Count in 1s and 10s; number blocks; explain

Activity8: Count in 5s; fingers; explain

Activity9: Count in 5s; R5 coins; explain

Activity10: count in 5s; flow maps; circle map (clock); number block; explain

Activity11: Even and odd numbers; brace map; Count in 2s; R2-coins; questions; circle map (clock); explain

Activity12: Count in 2s; flow map; worm; number blocks

Activity13: Count in 4s; animals’ legs; circle map

Activity14: Count in 4s; animals’ legs; tree map;

Activity15: Count in 4s; multi flow maps

Activity16: Count in 3s; multi flow maps

Activity17: Count in 3s; angles of triangles; circle map

Activity18: Count in 3s; tree map

Activity19-20: Count in 10s; 5s; 3s; 4s and 2s

Activity21-22: Number names

Activity23: Number symbols

Activity24: Place values; questions; break up with bridge maps

Activity25: Place values; bridge maps; tree map

Activity26: Ordinal numbers; circle map (clock)

Activity27: Count in 1s; 2s; 3s; 4s; 5s and 10s; number lines; questions

Activity28: Compare numbers; tree map; smaller than; larger than; circle maps

Activity29: Compare and order numbers; questions

Activity30: Order numbers; brace maps

Activity31: Count in tree maps and tables

Activity32: Number bonds of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 and 20; tree maps

Activity33: Number bonds of 10 and 20; circle maps

Activity34-37: Addition of 2-digit numbers; bridge maps; flow maps; tree maps; explain

Activity38-41: Subtraction of 2-digit numbers; bridge maps; flow maps; tree maps; explain

Activity42: Double; bridge maps

Activity43: Halve; bridge maps

Activity44-45: Woordprobleme; add and subtract; step-by-step; questions; bridge maps; flow maps

Activity46-47: Repeat addition; tree maps; questions; draw

Activity48: Woordprobleme; repeat addition; step-by-step; draw

Activity49: Woordprobleme; grouping and sharing; step-by-step; draw; tree maps

Activity51-52: Fractions; divide; colour in; name; tree map; parts that give wholes; circle fraction of number of animals


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