How to…

How do I buy stuff in the One-Stop-Math-Shop?

Step 1:        Go to

Step 2:        Click on Products

Step 3:        Click on the appropriate sub-heading, e.g. Primary School Maths

Step 4:        Click on the grade you want, e.g. Grade 1

Step 5:        Choose the correct topic, e.g. if you want the Grade 1 term 4 Book it will be under “More than 1 topic”

Step 6:        Click on “Add to basket”

Step 7:        Go choose other products that you want

Step 8:        Top right-hand corner – click on Checkout

Step 9:        Enter name, address and cell phone number (You only have to do it properly once.

Next time the shop will automatically put it in.)

[We promise not to use your details for anything or to share it.]

Step 9:        Click in the block “I’ve read the Terms and conditions”

Step 10:      Click on “Place order”

Step 11:      If it is not a free order – pay via EFT.

If it is a free order, wait.

Step 12:      As soon as Karelien Kriel releases your order the shop will send you an notification e-mail.

Step 13:      Log into the shop.

Step 14:      Click on My Account (Don’t hover over the sub headings. Just click once om “My Account” and wait. A black list of links will appear to your left. Click on the “Downloads” link.

Step 15:      Download your products.

Any problems? Send an e-mail to

Remember – if you didn’t pay, send me the proof of payment or received a confirmation e-mail from the shop (that the order has been completed) – you won’t be able to download the products.


  • Click in the product
  • Underneath the picture there will be two tabs: “Product description” and “review”
  • Click on the review tab
  • Give a star rating out of 5
  • Add a short comment
  • Update


 Most payments are done via EFT. Here are the bank account details:

Bank: Investec Private Bank

Account holder: Mrs Karelien Kriel

Account number: 10011129479

Type of account: Current (or Cheque)

Branch code: 580105 [or in some cases 58010500]

Reference: Order number, Initial, Surname
Should you need to deposit cash or cheques into your Investec Private Bank Account, this can be done at any ABSA branch:

Account name: Investec Bank
Account number: 01043960306
Reference number: 10011129479