Order and Pay?

How do I buy stuff in the One-Stop-Math-Shop?

Step 1:        Go to www.one-stop-math-shop.com

Step 2:        Click on Products

Step 3:        Click on the appropriate sub-heading, e.g. Primary School Maths

Step 4:        Click on the grade you want, e.g. Grade 1

Step 5:        Choose the correct topic, e.g. if you want the Grade 1 term 4 Book it will be under “More than 1 topic”

Step 6:        Click on “Add to basket”

Step 7:        Go choose other products that you want

Step 8:        Top right-hand corner – click on Checkout

Step 9:        Enter name, address and cell phone number (You only have to do it properly once.

Next time the shop will automatically put it in.)

[We promise not to use your details for anything or to share it.]

Step 9:        Click in the block “I’ve read the Terms and conditions”

Step 10:      Click on “Place order”

Step 11:      If it is not a free order – pay via EFT.

If it is a free order, wait.

Step 12:      As soon as Karelien Kriel releases your order the shop will send you an notification e-mail.

Step 13:      Log into the shop.

Step 14:      Click on My Account (Don’t hover over the sub headings. Just click once om “My Account” and wait. A black list of links will appear to your left. Click on the “Downloads” link.

Step 15:      Download your products.

Any problems? Send an e-mail to 1stopmaths@gmail.com

Remember – if you didn’t pay, send me the proof of payment or received a confirmation e-mail from the shop (that the order has been completed) – you won’t be able to download the products.

How do I pay?

 Most payments are done via EFT. Here are the bank account details:

Bank: Investec Private Bank

Account holder: Mrs Karelien Kriel

Account number: 10011129479

Type of account: Current (or Cheque)

Branch code: 580105 [or in some cases 58010500]

Reference: Order number, Initial, Surname
Should you need to deposit cash or cheques into your Investec Private Bank Account, this can be done at any ABSA branch, using the following bank account details (please note that there is a seven-day clearing period on all cheques deposited):

Account name: Investec Bank
Account number: 01043960306
Reference number: Your Private Bank current account number