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Soon we will change to One-Stop-Edu-Shop

Dear One-Stop-Math-Shop customers

I started my shop in August 2014 with the name, where I only sold Gr.10-12 Mathematical Literacy products.

After I retired from teaching, I decided to educate myself in “Junior Maths”, as I had two little boys. I studied CAPS, asked for advice and in August 2016 I changed my shop to the One-Stop-Math-Shop.

As time went by, I found that my current shop had some problems that I was unable to solve. The largest of these were that e-mails landed in customers Spam folder, so they didn’t receive them, and the text on cell phones are so small, that people are unable to buy online via cell phone.

I also wrote stories for Grade 1’s and did Thinking Tools on words to help my son spelling and reading. I wanted to help parents and teachers with this as well, but as my shop is a Math shop, I couldn’t put it in there. Sp I’m giving myself some freedom by calling it the Edu-Shop.

Please feel free to register as a user at But keep in mind that we have not finished all the sub -ivisions yet and the shop does not look like it should yet. Also, please don’t put any orders in yet. I will telll you as soon as you can.

When you register:

(1) You can never change the username / nickname they give you, so choose something sensible and NOT your cell phone number.

(2) If they ask you for your address, please fill it in. The reason they ask for it, is so that they can create a nice invoice, if you need one for your school to be refunded. It will only ask for it once.

(3) Please fill in your cell phone number. I won’t use it. I normally e-mail people when I communicate with them.

(4) I urge you to write your password somewhere where you can look it up, e.g. a book you carry in your hand bag or on notes on your cell phone.

What you should know about me running the business:

(1) I don’t take phone calls. I like to work via WhatsApp (my number is 084 567 4500) or e-mail (, That way I can’t mis-hear anything and have proof of our communications

(2) I especially say [PDF] IN THE NAME OF EACH PRODUCT. So please note that products are downloadable within 24 hours of payment. No physical products will be sent to you.

(3) I try to respond a.s.a.p. and solve your problems to the best of my ability.

Thank you for your support!

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