Gr.8-11: Probability – Tree diagrams (40 slides) [PPT]

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Always looking for more tree diagrams? Here is your solution!


Author: Renate Röhrs

Number of slides: 40

Grades: 8 – 11

  • Animated tree diagrams
  • Independent as well as dependent events.
  • Ideal to copy and paste into your lessons.

1 review for Gr.8-11: Probability – Tree diagrams (40 slides) [PPT]

  1. Karelien Kriel

    “WOW! I was so impressed with the step-by-step way that the work was explained. There are also numerous tree diagrams that teachers can uses as resources.”
    – Anonymous-

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I have been a maths teacher for 10 years, and during this time I have seen how teaching have changed from using only a blackboard and the examples we make up in class to interactive activities and sharing resources. These changes excites me.
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