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Gr.12 ML: June Exam {1} Paper 1 and 2 (2016) [PDF]

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Sold By Linnaea Vlok
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Author: Linnaea Vlok

Number of pages: 34

Number of exams: 2

Use these old exam papers as revision in class.

Paper 1:

  • Question 1: Fixed costs and running costs tables for petrol vehicles; Use given formulae
  • Question 2: Percentile graph; BMI; data table; median; interpret quartiles
  • Question 3: Strip map; distance; direction; distance table; speed/distance/time; fuel consumption
  • Question 4: Interest (depreciation); interest; water tariffs; electricity tariffs; formulae; tables; draw triple line graph; interpret graph
  • Question 5: Load shedding; time; interpret table; data table (census); interpret table; percentages; inverse relationship
  • Memorandum

Paper 2:

  • Question 1: Holiday; ratio; exchange rates; calculating costs; VAT; price table; speed (rate); interest
  • Question 2: Street map; grid; direction; give directions; speed/distance/time; convert time; data; mean, median and which one is best
  • Question 3: Buying second hand car; data table; median; interpret given quartiles (box-and-whisker)
  • Question 4: Jungle Oatso-Easy box; total surface area; mass; costs; percentages; VAT
  • Memorandum
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