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Gr.10 ML: Nov Revision Exercises [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 37

Number of exercises: 13


Ex. Topic Content
A Number formats and operations on whole numbers ·      Write words as numbers

·      Write numbers as words

·      Long addition and subtraction

·      Long multiplication and division

B Operations on whole numbers ·      Order of operations

·      Operations with exponents and roots

C Operations with fractions ·      Convert fractions

·      Operations with decimal fractions

·      Operations with fractions

D Rounding and proportion ·      Rounding off: normal and money

·      Direct and indirect proportion

E Percentages and conversion of units ·      Percentages (all types)

·      Conversion of distance, mass, volume and time units

F Ratio and rate ·      Ratio (all types)

·      Rate (speed, distance and time; fuel consumption and comparing products)

G Patterns, relationships and representations ·      Interpretation of broken line graph

·      Describing trends

·      Recognising the correct graph

·      Number patterns

·      Drawing a straight line graph

H Finances ·      Till slip

·      VAT

I Scales and maps ·      Calculating real distance

·      Calculating mascale (ratio)

·      Reading off / interpreting maps

·      Measuring

J Probability ·      Dice and coins

·      General probability: cars in a parking lot

·      Tree diagram and two-way table

K Pythagoras, perimeter and area ·      Pythagoras

·      Perimeter and area of squares, rectangles, circles, parts of circles, triangles and combined shapes

L Pythagoras, perimeter and area ·      Perimeter: fence

·      Area and perimeter: theatre

·      Area, perimeter and costs: renovation

M Data Handling ·      Interpretation of data tables and measures of spread

·      Drawing a bar graph

·      Interpreting broken line graph and pie chart

*Memorandums (showing all calculations) for all exercises



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