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The powerpoints you find in my shop has been tried and tested in my classes over the past 10 years. Each one consist of a variety of examples, already animated, ready for you to use.

I strongly believe that the more active learners are in the class the more they learn, so you will also find some interactive activities that encourage active learning.

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Gr.9 Math: Investigation – Speed, Distance and Time (4 pages)[PDF]

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This is a practical application of speed, distance and time calculations and is perfect to use as your Term 1 assessment.

Learners need to be able to calculate speed, distance, time as well as convert from minutes to hours and back and be able to determine the area of a circle.

Grade 9

35 marks – 45 minutes

4 pages (memo included)



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I have been a maths teacher for 10 years, and during this time I have seen how teaching have changed from using only a blackboard and the examples we make up in class to interactive activities and sharing resources. These changes excites me.
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