Gr.8 Discover Term 2 Maths (Super) [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number or bladsye: 107 (Akt) + 22 (Memo)

Number or activities: 33

With Thinking Tools

Type: Fill in Activity Book

Print: 2-on-1 back-to-back in A5 book format or A4 and bind


Activity 1: Define coeffisient, base, exponent and power; brace maps; pictures; addition; define variables and constants; define like and unlike terms; differences and similarities between expressions and equations; double bubble map; define term, expression and equation

Activity 2-3: Addition of like terms; pictures; like and unlike terms; addition; questions

Activity 4: Subtraction of like terms; pictures; questions

Activity 5-6: Addition and subtraction of like terms; green hat; choose maps

Activity 7: Multiplication of like terms; pictures; questions; choose maps; use exponent rules

Activity 8-11: Distributive law; multiplication with brackets; questions; multi flow maps

Activity 12: Division; brace maps; bridge maps; use exponent rules

Activity 13: Squared numbers and cubed numbers with variables; substitution; tree map

Activity 14: Substitution; brace map

Activity 15: Equations; simple; balancing scale; questions;

Activity 16: Equations; work forward and backwards in flow maps and tree maps

Activity 17: Equations; spesial cases; x always zero; x undefined; x = any value; tree maps; questions; brace map

Activity 18-19: Equations; questions; flow maps

Activity 20: Word problems with age; secret numbers and money; equations; scaffold; flow maps

Activity 21-22: Construction; 60°; 30°; 90°; 45°; equilateral triangle; questions

Activity 23: Construction; isosceles triangle; questions; draw equilateral triangle; questions; sum of the interior angles of of triangles

Activity 24: Construction; square; parallelogram; questions; sum of the interior angles of of quadrilaterals

Activity 25-26: Pythagoras; draw; conclude rule; questions; solve unknown sides; brace map

Activity 27: Brace maps; type of triangles; type of angles; type of quadrilaterals

Activity 28: Congruency; questions; pentagons; hexagons; recangles; triangles; squares

Activity 29: Similarity; questions; pentagons; hexagons; triangles; prove that 2 triangles are not similar

Activity 30: Congruency, similarity and none of them; double bubble map; brace map; questions

Activity 31: Type of angles; type of lines and angles; triangles and quadrilaterals; brace maps

Activity 32: Use al the Geometry rules to solve variables; gee statements and reasons


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