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Gr.8-9: Fractions and Percentages [PDF]

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Author: Anonymous

Number of pages: 3(test) + 2(memo)

Total: 50 marks

  • Part A: Fractions [29]
  • Question 1: Write as a improper fraction.
  • Question 2: Write as a mixed number.
  • Question 3: Equivalent fractions. Write te missing numbers
  • Question 4: Calculate fraction of a percentage.
  • Question 5 and 6: Operations with fractions
  • Part B: Percentages [21]
  • Question 1: Write as normal fractions.
  • Question 2: Write normal fractions as percentages.
  • Question 3: Write decimal fractions as percentages
  • Question 4: Increase an amount with a certain percentage.
  • Question 5: Decrease an amount with a certain percentage.
  • Question 6: Use your simple interest / compound interest formula to calculate the answer.


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