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Gr.5: Discover Multiplication [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 1 (explanation) + 10 (activities) + 8 (memo)

Number of activities: 10

Learning tools: Thinking Tools

Thinking Maps used: Mutli flow and Bridge

Act 1 – 2: Multiply 2-digit number with 1-digit number.

Act 3: Multiply 3-digit number with 1-digit number.

Act 4: Multiply 3-digit number with 2-digit number.

Act 5: Own creation

Act 6 – 10: Multiply 3-digit number with 2-digit number.

If you haven’t done the Thinking Tools course, you can still use these Thinking Maps (Multi Flow Map and Bridge Map) to do multiplication.

We start with smaller numbers to help learners with understanding and then move on to larger numbers and empty pages, where they have to create their own Thinking Maps.

We do not do long multiplication as it is a “recipe” and not a method that learners can understand or would thought of by themselves. We encourage methods where learners understand each step and why they are doing that. We also prefer that they create their own steps via Thinking Maps.

Long multiplication is the “end”. We start with Thinking Maps and then, after a learner understands multiplication of larger numbers well, you can move on to the long multiplication recipe.

To take full advantage of Thinking Tools, please contact Dr Cas Olivier at


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