Gr.3 Discover Term 2 Maths (Super) [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number or pages: 158 (Act) + 31 (Memo)

Number or activities: 51

With Thinking Tools

Type: Fill in activities book

Print: 2-on-1, back-to-back, in A5 book format or on A4 and bind

Word problems are done with scaffold to help learners think systematically about which steps they must follow to solve the problem


Activity 1: Number patterns; count forward and backwards in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 25s, 50s and 100s; flow maps; questions

Activity 2: Number patterns; count forward and backwards flow maps (pictures); explain; brace map

Activity 3: Number symbols and number names

Activity 4: Place value; build up numbers; tree map; bridge maps

Activity 5: Place value and number value; tables

Activity 6-7: Compare and order numbers; larger than; smaller than; smallest number; explain process

Activity 8: Double; flow maps; tree maps; bridge maps

Activity 9: Halve; flow maps; bridge maps

Activity 10-11: Rounding off; number lines; questions; make up own rules; rounding off to the nearest 10

Activity 12-13: Word problems; addition and subtraction

Activity 14-16: Word problems; repeat addition – multiplication; division

Activity 17: Money; identify coins; convert Rand to cent; convert cent to Rand; explain; tree maps

Activity 18-19: Money; addition of coins; explain

Activity 20-21: Money; subtraction of coins; explain

Activity 22: Word problems; money; addition; subtraction; multiplication; division

Activity 23: Number bonds of 1 to 30

Activity 24-27: Addition of 3-digit numbers; flow maps; tree maps; bridge maps

Activity 28: Repeat addition and multiplication; tables; questions

Activity 29-32: Subtraction of 3-digit numbers; flow maps; tree maps; bridge maps

Activity 33: Grouping and division; tables; questions

Activity 34: Fractions; pictures; tables; identify; count parts to make a whole; questions

Activity 35: Word problems; fractions; addition and subtraction; repeat addition and division

Activity 36: Geometric patterns; complete

Activity 37: Position and orientation: identify everyday objects; explain; different views; explain

Activity 38: 3D-objects; rectangular prism; cylinder; cone; pyramid; sphere; flat and round faces; roll and slide; difference between pyramid and cone; difference between sphere and cylinder

Activity 39: 3D-objects; smallest and largest object; roll and slide; explain; similarities and differences between cone and pyramid; double bubble map; identify different types of pyramids

Activity 40: 2D-shapes; order from smallest to largest; order from largest to smallest; straight and round sides; square; rectangle; oval; circle; triangle; identify; questions; differences and similarities between rectangles and squares; double bubble map; draw

Activity 41: 2D-shapes and 3D-objects; identify and name; straight or round sides;

Flat and round faces; draw shapes and objects

Activity 42-43: Symmetry; draw other half of pictures; draw line of symmetry

Activity 44-47: Measurement – Time; read time from analogue clocks; draw hands on analogue clocks; half hours; quarter of an hour; three quarter of an hour and minutes in multiples of 5; read time from devices and write it in words; convert days to weeks and weeks to days; tree maps; convert weeks to months and months to weeks

Activity 48: Measurement – Length; rulers given; write lengths in centimetres and millimetres; longer; shorter; wider; narrower; highest; shortest

Activity 49: Measurement – Mass; read mass off analogue scale; lighter; heavier; convert kg to g and g to kg; bridge maps

Activity 50: Measurement – Volume; read hoe many litres of liquid in each container; tea spoons; cups; questions; fuller; emptier

Activity 51: Data handling; fruits; complete frequency table; complete column graph; interpretation



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