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Gr.2 Discover Term 2 Maths (Super) [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 49 (Akt) + 12 (Memo)

Number of Activities: 27

With Thinking Tools

Type: Fill in Activity book

Print: 2-on-1, back-to-back, in A5 book format or on A4 and bind


Activity 1, 3, 5, 10, 14, 20, 23: Practical Lesson

Activity 2: Position (front; back; right; left; on top of; underneath; next to; up and down; inside; outside

Activity 4: Follow instructions in classroom

Activity 6: 2D-shapes; name circle, triangle, square and rectangle; order from dark to light; order from small to large; smallest shape; largest shape

Activity 7: 2D-shapes; Identify circles, triangles, squares and rectangles

Activity 8: 2D-shapes; round and straight sides; roll and slide

Activity 9: 2D-shapes; number of sides of shapes; roll and slide; bridge maps; double bubble maps; differences and similarities between circles and squares; differences and similarities between rectangles and squares; properties of shapes summed up in brace map

Activity 11: Symmetry; draw the other half

Activity 12: Symmetry; is it a line of symmetry? Motivate

Activity 13: Symmetry; draw a line of symmetry through each object.

Activity 15: Measurement – Time; days of the week in cycle map; questions about days

Activity 16: Measurement – Time; months of the year in cycle map; questions about months

Activity 17: Measurement – Time; calendar; questions

Activity 18: Measurement – Time; Identify analogue and digital clocks; hours on analogue clocks

Activity 19: Measurement – Time; half-hours on analogue clocks

Activity 21: Measurement – Time; duration in hours and half-hours; word sums; tree maps

Activity 22: Measurement – Time; duration in hours and half-hours; word sums

Activity 24: Measurement – Mass; heaviest; balancing scales; same mass; read value form digital and analogue scales in kg

Activity 25: Measurement – Mass; compare 4 food products in kg; compare mass of 4 boys; heaviest; lightest; heavier that; lighter than; order from heaviest to lightest and lightest to heaviest; kg

Activity 26: Datahantering; column graph given; types of hats; answer questions

Activity 27: Datahantering; table given; types of fruits; answer questions


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