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How to do informal Maths with young children at home

Just a few examples of how people of any social standing can teach their children helpful skills at home…

  • Take everything out of the cutlery drawer and let him put it back in the correct spaces. [Math skill: ordering; grouping]
  • Count how many knives, forks and spoons there are. [Math skill: counting]
  • Count the stairs as she climbs it [Math skill: counting; Physical skill: climbing]
  • Count backwards as he descends the stairs [Math skill: counting; descending order]
  • At bath time: See how many cups (use measuring cup) of water fills a one litre jug. [Math skill: measurement; volume]
  • Cooking time: Let her help you measure out the ingredients. [Math skill: measurement; volume]
  • Group blocks according to colour and size [Math skill: grouping; most; least]
  • Group together toys that are round; toys that are square, etc. [Math skill: grouping; shapes and sizes]

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